Fine Handcrafted Concentrates

At Colorado’s Best Dabs

Patients come first. We believe in supplying Colorado with clean cannabis infused products and produce quality concentrates. CBD is comprised of and owned by Colorado natives who have embraced cannabis legalization from the beginning.

Established in 2012, CBD has extensive knowledge and experience in cannabis extraction, always striving for medical excellence.


At CBD we handcraft each and every batch of our concentrates to create a personal touch to all of our products. We provide friendly dedicated service and offer speedy turnaround times with no delivery fees.


We ask for hand-trimmed sugar leaf, and flower (a minimum of 600 grams is preferred). Please contact us for pricing.

  • Products

    Wax, Shatter, Dewaxed Sap, Live Resin, Activated Oil, and Sugar Wax.

  • Processing

    We process per gram returning ALL product, and also offer yield splits.

  • Strain Specific Blends

    We process per your request, or our extraction experts can blend based on strain characteristics.

  • Custom Finishing

    We tailor post-processing to your specifications as desired.

  • Testing

    We offer batch testing upon request for potency, residuals, and terpenes.


Our laboratory consists of top of the line extraction equipment featuring the ExtractionTek and Cascade Botanical vacuum oven for maximum terpene preservation. We have a trained extraction team with combined10 years industry experience. Our experience with post processing techniques can be tailored to your patient’s preference.

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